Fees & Medicare


Our friendly staff can help you with the appropriate Medicare Rebates.

Children's Vision

Examinations for children take longer than adults and are much more complicated. There is an additional Medicare rebate that is available from Medicare for the initial consultation, and some additional fees may apply. 

A full children's vision assessment including perceptual testing, binocular vision testing, and a parent conference is an additional fee.

Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy programs are not covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance. If this treatment is recommended for your child, we will work out a customised program to get the best possible result, and advise you of the cost. We provide payment options and early payment of fees will enable us to reduce your costs. 

The length and cost of the Vision Therapy Program will be discussed with you by our Optometrist at the Parent Conference. Please contact our friendly staff for more information. 

Reports & Other Information

Patients and their parents or guardians are provided with a report about the patients vision at the Parents Conference following the Perceptual Learning/Visual Information Assessment.

If a report is required for a third party, such as a lawyer or other therapist there are additional fees that apply. Please contact us for more information.

Private Health Insurance

Vision Care Centre can arrange for rebates on optometry services and products through most health insurance funds: