Virtual Reality & Vision Therapy

Vivid Vision Clinical is an advanced virtual reality driven eye treatment designed to assist in the treatment of eye problems like amblyopia. 

The system uses 3D virtual imaging to provide interactive therapy for children and adults who are having difficulty with vision problems related to eye coordination. 

An Occulus Rift headset is used to project images that are carefully designed to encourage the eyes to work together.

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Amblyopia treatment of adults with dichoptic training using the virtual reality oculus rift head mounted display: preliminary results.

Žiak P, Holm A, Halička J, Mojžiš P, Piñero DP.

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Recovering stereo vision by squashing virtual bugs in a virtual reality environment.

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Clinical trial USA 2015
Christopher M. Aderman, M.D., Ph.D., Department of Ophthalmology, University of California, San Francisco.

Subjects are enrolled in a single-center, masked, randomised-controlled trial to study the effects of a dichotic VR platform on visual acuity and stereopsis in adults with amblyopia. The results show reductions in suppression among amblyopic subjects after VR therapy.
Remote testing of visual parameters is possible and correlates well with validated in-clinic measurements. Remote monitoring allows for monitoring of compliance and can provide red-flag alerts with broad application.